Bring Creativity to Life with Build It Kits

YOXO® and PBS KIDS® teamed up to release a new line of open-ended and imagination-driven construction kits, called Build It Kits. These new building toys are born out of our shared goal: to inspire the instinctive creativity in every child.

Open-ended creative play is the big idea behind the new Build It Kits. Instead of presenting kids with a toy that has just one purpose, each Build It Kit provides the raw materials and inspiration to invent anything you want.

Each kit comes with dozens of durable and recyclable YOXO links, tubes and examples of what can be built - but no instructions. Instead, kids are challenged to figure out how to build one of the example projects, or better yet, make something entirely new. 

Open up the paper sleeve to reveal building tips and tricks, link lingo, as well as several build recipes.

Get the building started! With 28 links, two tubes and eye stickers, this PBS KIDS Build It Kit is the perfect introduction to the YOXO construction system. This building set includes everything you need to make a cruiser bike, bunny, spaceship or spinning top - but the real magic is when kids build their own creations with YOXO!

Be the inventor! You can create anything with YOXO. With 56 links, 4 tubes and eye stickers, this PBS KIDS Build It Kit is just the right size to spark imaginations and encourage creativity, problem-solving and exploration. This building set includes everything you need to make a toucan, racer, flower, quadcopter or spinning top.

One box, endless possibilities! The ultimate PBS KIDS Build It Kit contains enough YOXO links, tubes and stickers to keep kids creating for hours - all in a sturdy corrugated toolbox, designed to store YOXO links and more! This 120-piece building set includes everything you need build a train, flower, cruiser bike, and much more.

What will you make with your Build It Kit? Share your creations: @yoxotoys #builditYOXO

For those who want a little more guidance, there are dozens of free project ideas and downloadable instructions available at

100% of the net proceeds PBS KIDS receives from your purchase helps encourage all children to discover who they are and what they can do.