Buy Small this Holiday Season

YOXO is a small, but mighty, toy manufacturing startup with big ideas and eight employees. We design, manufacture and distribute all YOXO kits from our workshop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

All our raw materials are sourced in the USA and most come from within 20 miles of our workshop! In this way, YOXO supports local jobs and businesses while reducing our transportation costs and their impact on the environment. 

YOXO links are made out of recycled wood fiber and cut using ultra-high pressure waterjets in our Windsource®-powered* workshop. Using our closed-loop manufacturing process, YOXO is both made from recycled materials AND is recyclable**. 

A few things you need to know about YOXO. 

How we make YOXO. 

What will you make with YOXO? >

* Windsource® is a renewable energy program of Xcel Energy. **Recycling programs vary by location.