PBS KIDS Build It Toy by YOXO - 120 Pieces - Creative Building System

PBS KIDS Build It Kit by YOXO - 120 Piece Open-Ended Building Toy

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  • Massive creative fun from PBS KIDS and YOXO! This building set includes everything you need to build a YOXO train, flower, cruiser, construction crane or invent something new!
  • Open-ended construction system includes 112 YOXO links (pronounced “yock-so”) in a variety of colors, eight tubes and playful eye stickers - all in a sturdy corrugated toolbox
  • An award-winning, gender-neutral building system that teaches STEM skills through fun hands-on play (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Links connect household items like paper towel rolls, TP tubes and cereal boxes as well as other toy construction sets including LEGO
  • More fun project ideas and downloads on YOXO's free instructions page
  • Made in the USA from durable, eco-friendly, recycled & recyclable* wood fiber
  • Great fun for everyone! Recommended for kids 4 - 8 years old

One box, endless possibilities! The ultimate PBS KIDS Build It Kit contains enough YOXO links, tubes and stickers to keep kids creating for hours - all in a sturdy corrugated toolbox designed to store YOXO links and more.

YOXO’s fun & eco-friendly construction toys are manufactured from durable, recycled & recyclable materials in the company’s wind-powered Minnesota workshop.

YOXO kits allow for open-ended building, a form of play where kids design, build and play with toys created from their own imaginations. This kind of play gives kids the freedom to explore possibilities and test the boundaries of what is possible.

The result: endless hours of fun that fosters creativity and fuels imagination!    

PBS KIDS® and the PBS KIDS logo are registered trademarks of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Used with permission. ©2016 PBS. All rights reserved. LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which is not affiliated with YOXO. *Recycling programs vary by location


Product Reviews

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She absolutely LOVED it! We played for hours making houses
Written by Terre Wykle

This is the second Yoxo toy I have purchased. This one was for my 5 year old granddaughter who is constantly playing make believe with dolls and little objects. I wanted to see if she could use her creativity to build something so I picked up this 120 piece set to see if she would even look at it. She absolutely LOVED it! We played for hours making houses, cars and other things that her dolls could play in. She even showed me how to put a few things together! Will definitely order more for some of my young friends and nieces and nephews!

Great product, my Nephews love them
Written by CHRIS

Great product, my Nephews love them. Easy to use and expand so they are always making new things. Shipped right away also.

Kid creative time=Mom free time
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

This is my third my yoxo toy I've bought for my kiddos and they can't get enough. Perfect for my 5 year old. I love how creative the toy is and my daughter enjoys it for HOURS building things. I've purchased these as gifts too because they're such a unique toy-kids love them.

Wonderful, thoughtful play! Great gift!
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

We love our Build it Kit by YOXO! First of all, I felt great about the fact that the kit was made from recycled materials, and there wasn't any waste in the packaging. My kids got into it right away. Typically my son needs help with building projects, but he just started building on his own! After awhile I got in on the action, and I enjoyed it as well. Thank you YOXO

How to be the Favorite Aunt
Written by Kathleen F

LOVE the new kits! YOXO is my go-to gift for all of the children in my life and has done much to help me maintain my "favorite aunt" status! THANK YOU YOXO!!!

I was glad to find a toy that kids have to use ...
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

Gave this to my grandson on his 7th birthday. I was glad to find a toy that kids have to use their imagination instead of a toy that comes with instructions for what it builds. No accessories needed; all you have to do is save the tubes from toilet paper, paper towels and even wrapping paper, who doesn't have those?

Endless hours of creative fun!
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

I've seen YOXO popping up everywhere lately, so finally decided to give it a try. Now I'm wondering why I didn't get it sooner! My kids (ages 4 and 2) sat and played with this box of fun for so long today! There are endless combinations of structures to make. It was so fun to see them try and figure out how to piece together the parts and create different things. Even the two year old liked it and was able to play along no problem!

Amazing kit - promotes such great creativity!
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

Shipped very fast and my girls 4 & 2.5 years couldn't wait to open it up. They dove right in playing, which kept them entertained and excited to build and rebuild for hours. Such a fun kit for the whole family. And we love supporting local businesses!!!

Unique and creative toy!
Written by Brian Gilman

Our almost 4 year old loves it! He makes all kinds of crazy things and it's great to hear him using his imagination! Very cool idea, much better than the plastic junk kids usually get.

Quality gift! Encourages creativity!
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

As a nanny of a family with girls ages 5 & 8, I'm always looking for new things to entertain the girls! The Build It Kit is awesome for the kids, the parents and myself as the nanny! -ENTERTAINING! There are endless possibilities of what to build -SCREEN FREE! It gets kids away from the tv and encourages them to use their imagination -ECOFRIENDLY! I love that it is made from recyclable materials! And a bonus that they are made in the U.S. too.

Great for 5yo
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

I bought this toy as something for my son (age 5) to play with while we visited grandma and grandpa for thanksgiving (they have NO toys at their house, so we needed something!) Anyway, hours of fun! This toy is great for creative play. Definitely recommend!

LOVE it!
Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

I brought this YOXO kit to my work at a daycare, and the children LOVED it! I like how easily it stimulates the child's mind. It's a great way for the children to use their imagination, improve fine motor skills, and create fun structures! It is also a great way for the children to learn how to reuse things, and create structures with what they have rather than use a tablet or smart phone. Personally, I love how durable this product is too! I will definitely purchase another kit, and give it to my niece!

Written by Amazon Verified Reviewer

Great for kids to use their imaginations. If kids like building, they will like this toy.

These are so great for my kids
Written by Daisydu32

These are so great for my kids! They spend hours creating and using their imaginations. We love giving YOXO kits as gifts as well - always well received! (Amazon Reviewer)

Creative Toy
Written by Elizabeth Welsh

My 8 year old loves this set! Lots of options and creativity. (Amazon Reviewer)

Pretty Awesome
Written by Jeff Phillips

I have never seen my kids dig into a toy box so fast and play with it for so long. Not sure how to pronounce it, but so far it is a cool concept + great toy.

Five Stars
Written by Greg

The kids love it - very refreshing to see them occupied by something that doesn't involve a screen!

She spends hours creating her favorite flowers and fantasy creatures
Written by Valerie Avrutis

My daughter loves this YOXO Build It Kit. She spends hours creating her favorite flowers and fantasy creatures. I love that she is using her creativity and imagination.

GREAT product! Perfect gift.
Written by Jeremy Lenz

We have a six-year-old and she absolutely loves YOXO. As parents we find YOXO to be our favorite toys in the home because it 1) encourages open play, 2) isn't a screen and 3) is safe for our 17 month-year-old to play with (unlike many other toys). Big fans of YOXO.

This kit is giant creative fun
Written by MN Dad

OK, I'll admit that we're YOXO fanatics. Our playroom has a big tub of YOXO and the kids (ags 5 & 8) are always back there building all sorts of stuff. But even with all the YOXO we already have, this kit is awesome. It has a ton of pieces and projects inside (I think the kids have built them all). The best part is the cool carrying case that comes with the kit - now the kids can tote YOXO all over the house and can make even bigger things. There are times I think we should throw away all our toys and just stock YOXO. Thanks for the fun & creative toy.