YOXO Fyre Dragon Building Toy

YOXO Fyre Dragon Building Toy


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Recognized by Purdue University for promoting engineering thinkings and design!

  • Creative fun from YOXO! This 4-in-1 kit comes with everything you need to build your own 34-inch Fyre dragon and then deconstruct to make a bike, shuttle, frog or invent something new!
  • Open-ended construction toy includes 46 YOXO links, 12 tubes, punch-out parts, playful eye stickers and step-by-step instructions for four builds
  • An award-winning, gender-neutral building system that teaches STEM skills through fun hands-on play (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Links connect household items like paper towel rolls, TP tubes and cereal boxes as well as other toy construction sets including LEGO
  • Made in the USA from durable, eco-friendly, recycled & recyclable* wood fiber
  • Awesome for everyone! Recommended for kids 8 - 12 years

YOXO’s fun & eco-friendly construction toys are manufactured from durable, recycled & recyclable* materials in the company’s wind-powered Minnesota workshop.

YOXO kits allow for open-ended building, a form of play where kids design, build and play with toys created from their own imaginations. This kind of play gives kids the freedom to explore possibilities and test the boundaries of what is possible.

The result: endless hours of fun that fosters creativity and fuels imagination!

LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which is not affiliated with YOXO. *Recycling programs vary by location


Product Reviews

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Endless Possibilities
Written by Dianna Kennedy

I bought this as a gift for an 8 year old boy who loves science and building legos and lives on the other side of the country from us. We were able to be together when he opened it! What a hit! He had it together in 5 minutes, but was inspired by the idea of making a dragon on his own. We (as in the grownup and our 4 year old) got to help by saving toilet paper rolls and cutting out and decorating "fire" and "tail scales" and other dragon parts from old cardboard boxes. We sent those parts in the mail as a follow up gift for a different occasion and now he's working on a dragon of his own design. What a great way to encourage creativity and also a great way to participate in his imaginative play. The possibilities are endless and it is really affordable (essentially free) for us to send "accessories" to build on the gift we gave him and keep it fresh. Thanks for making such a child-centered activity!!!

Hands on Fun
Written by LaurKap

We bought Fyre for our 5 year old and he loved building the tricycle - or dragon-mobile as he calls it. The pieces are easy to handle and directions are easy for him to follow on his own. He often gets frustrated with legos as they're too small and he needs a parent to help, but with Yoxo the directions are really clear and he can do it all himself. And he can put the pieces in different places and make it his own. He's taken it apart and built other creatures with it many times and merged it with other Yoxo pieces to make new creations. We love seeing his imagination at work and we love that its American-made - bonus!

Our kids love it
Written by Tether Tools

This toy is really great for inspiring creativity. It's very well made and comes with a great instruction set for building the pictured dragon, plus lots of other creations. Our kids treat it like a puzzle...they take it out of the box and sometimes they build the dragon or frog, other times they take it out and start building their own ideas. Our kids love the fire and wings and find all kinds of ways to use them in their creations! There is also an extra pieces kit so you build bigger structures as well. So glad we found Yoxo!

Build-your-own dragon as a 5-year-old? "You are the BEST!!! I LOVE IT!" --Direct quote from daughter to proud Mom and Dad
Written by Jeremy Lenz

Our 5-year-old daughter is into all things princess and make-believe. Having a dragon that we build together is a great compliment to her imagination. Kit is sturdy, fun to build (for the adults as well!) and has a special display place in her playroom. I was hoping to deconstruct it and build other projects but she loves the dragon so much that it isn't going anywhere. So nice to have toys that aren't made from plastic!

Five Stars
Written by Catjoy

Grandson (7 year old) loved it. Great gift idea.

Five Stars
Written by susan beckett

Absolutely a fantastic product for kids. My grandsons (ages 7 and 10) love it!