YOXO Orig Robot Building Toy

YOXO Orig Robot Building Toy


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Winner of numerous awards including Creative Child Magazine’s Top Toy of the Year and Best Creative Fun from Tillywig Toy Awards. Recognized by Purdue University for promoting engineering thinking and design

  • The classic YOXO robot construction kit
  • Open-ended construction toy includes 31 YOXO links, 6 tubes, 3 punch-out pieces, playful eye stickers and step-by-step instructions for four builds
  • An award-winning, gender-neutral building system that teaches STEM skills through fun hands-on play (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Links connect household items like paper towel rolls, TP tubes and cereal boxes as well as other toy construction sets including LEGO
  • Made in the USA from durable, eco-friendly, recycled & recyclable* wood fiber
  • Awesome for everyone! Recommended for kids 6+ years

YOXO’s fun & eco-friendly construction toys are manufactured from durable, recycled & recyclable* materials in the company’s wind-powered Minnesota workshop.

YOXO kits allow for open-ended building, a form of play where kids design, build and play with toys created from their own imaginations. This kind of play gives kids the freedom to explore possibilities and test the boundaries of what is possible.

The result: endless hours of fun that fosters creativity and fuels imagination!

LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which is not affiliated with YOXO. *Recycling programs vary by location


Product Reviews

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Best Creative Fun
Written by TIllywig Awards

Every once in a while a product or manufacturer comes along that immediately stands out from the crowd. The YOXO (pronounced 'yock-so') line of recyclable constructions sets from manufacturer Play from Scratch does precisely that. YOXO building sets use notched pieces, Y's, O's, and X's, that connect snugly with one another and, more importantly, to lots of stuff you'll find around the house - cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, notebook covers, playing cards, and lots more. YOXObot Orig is an 18-inch tall robot kit. One of the most startling things about it is just how cool and distinctly different the completed robot looks from anything you've likely seen before. The illustrated instructions are easy to follow, but will no doubt be just a leap-off point for the array of creations that can spring from young minds once they get a taste of what YOXO can do. That kids can easily incorporate found items into their YOXO constructions is a feature that inspires true invention and creativity. YOXO kits are made from recycled materials.

Great Concept - Promotes Creativity
Written by Kwlt4fun

Purchased this for my 5yo great-grandson. He is really enjoying it. He was able to follow the directions for the robot with minimal help, then took it apart and built his own "machine". Now it is the first thing he gets from his toy box when he comes.

Great creative toy!
Written by Karen M.

My children received the YOXObot orig and the YOXOmoto Doon as a gift and immediately and happily sat down to play with them. They have no trouble making the specific toys (robot and dune buggy) , but also enjoy creating their own designs. I love that they feel free to follow their imaginations and create their own ideas without feeling constrained by the makers’ concepts . Also the design really encourages them to keep discovering new ways to view and use familiar objects. They are very sturdy too, holding up nicely and easy to use. It’s so refreshing to see them creating something entirely new rather than reaching for yet another TV or marketed product. It’s the very definition of open-ended play, and best of all, the kids have fun with them!

creative interactive toy for kids and big kids
Written by J. Undis

I have a small retail store, and I keep this around for kids to play with while their parents are shopping. It's always fun to see what they come up with! I like that the pieces are large (easy clean-up, no little bits to chase) and it's fun to find ways to incorporate other recycled stuff into the structures. Many of my customers are creative professionals - and the adults are as attracted to this toy as the kids.

Pretty fun...
Written by Justin M. West

I like the idea of these more than I actually like them themselves. THey're modular enough, but my kids never really engaged with them. I sat down myself and made a few ships and such, but they're no legos. Still, very creative idea, and I don't regret buying them - who knows, one of these days, my kids may take them out and have a blast. They HAVE made that YOXOBot on the cover a few times...

Even more fun if you build something other than a robot:)
Written by Angela Wolf

We LOVE this set. My kids are aged 2, 2, and 6. They are not delicate with their toys and following instructions is not their favorite activity. They love building their own creations (and then putting eyes on it). The little ones focus on putting together a few pieces (or destroying big sister's more elaborate work). The bright colors and fun shapes make the end results really rewarding. We've played with both our own re-used paper towel rolls and those you can buy from YOXO and greatly prefer those you can buy - they are far more sturdy and fun to build with. We also have a little To Go set, so now we can build BIG stuff!

A 6th birthday hit!
Written by rouxbe t

My granddaughter loved it and immediately started making things. I also like that it inspired her to use other things (empty toilet paper tubes, odd pieces of cardboard packaging) to make wacky creations. No plastic!!

Creative FUN!!
Written by AJ

Love this toy! Bought it for my niece & nephew and it kept us all busy for an entire day. First we made the "robot" creature on the boxtop - but what's terrific about YOXO is that they suggest you can "create your own" pieces from other recyclables...so we dove into our recycling bin, picked out a few cereal boxes and paper towel tubes, brought out the scissors and went to town creating some other new pieces and built a monster, and then a tall turreted tower. I feel like the kids were way more creative and engaged in the toy than they would be with the alternatives (Lego....). Icing on the cake is the company's commitment to sustainable/recyclable materials. Will definitely be purchasing another set (the one with the wings looks reeeeally cool) next time I see the kids. Can't wait!!